Episode 001-- The Human Element with Footy Influencer: Jeff Rueter

This episode Jeff and I dive right into what Generation Footy actually is and the grand vision behind the brand. We go in-depth about the current role of the media in the US Soccer environment and discuss ideal situations for both player and media member to grow the game together. We also speak about the approach high school players should be taking in regards to getting recruited and finding the right school/program for them! Thanks for listening and please be sure to leave us a comment/review and let us know your thoughts and questions!

Show Notes

-What is Generation Footy?

-What is the vision behind it? 

-What is the current role of the media in the US Soccer landscape? 

-Are media members dehumanized just as much as the players in the business of professional soccer?

-How we can approach these cross-sectional occupations on a more human level. 

Footy Guest: Jeff Rueter

Jeff is a freelance writer and St. Paul native who writes for ESPN FC, The Guardian, Howler Magazine and many others. Jeff is a big influencer within the Footy media community and writes thoughtful pieces on all things Footy! 

Twitter: @JeffRueter

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