Episode 003-- How to Triumph Over Injuries with Footy Influencer: Jordan Angeli

Today I am speaking with former professional soccer player, ACL Club owner and Colorado Rapids show host, Jordan Angeli. Jordan and I have an in-depth conversation about injuries and pragmatic, dependable ways to not only endure them but thrive through the process. This episode is PACKED with helpful tips and advice from one of the top influencers in the Footy game who has gone through 3 devastating ACL injuries and 7 surgeries. Thanks for listening and please leave us a review on iTunes so we can continue the mission to #InfluenceTheGame.

Show Notes

  • ACL Club --If you've never heard of it before, that's probably a good thing...What it's all about and how it can help you. 
  • Jordan's personal experience through injury and specific ways she handled each setback.
  • Actionable tips for injured athletes and what TYPE of goals you should set to get through your rehab process.
  • MINDSET of competitive athletes and how to lean into the grieving process and then refocus your mind/body/soul to get back on the field stronger than ever. 
  • What teammates/coaches/parents should be doing to help out. 
  • Prevention of injuries. What you can be doing NOW to listen to your body and fine-tune your machine.
  • The role of optimism? Is it a double-edged sword? 
  • The role psychological stress/anxiety plays BEFORE injuries occur? Some of the major sources of stress that are common amongst athletes: fear of failure, being socially/athletically evaluated by others (whether that be a coach, teammate or parent), the lack of readiness or preparation, or simply feeling out of control in some area of their life. 
  • Tips for Coaches and Parents of competitive athletes to minimize the risk of injuries to their players and children. Noticing the warning signs.

Footy Guest: Jordan Angeli

  • Jordan is a former professional soccer player playing for the Boston Breakers after being the (16th pick overall) of the 2010 WPS Draft out of Santa Clara University. She then went on to play for the Washington Spirit and finished her career in the 2015/16 season with the Western New York Flash.
  • She also was a member of the U20 Women's National Team in 2005 and 2006 where she played in the U20 World Cup in Papau New Guinea.
  • After her playing career, Jordan became a Sports Broadcast Analyst and is currently the Game Host, Radio Analyst and Social Media Host for the Colorado Rapids. 

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