Generation Footy Manifesto

We are the obsessed.1.png

Welcome to Generation Footy 

We didn't come here to be dime-a-dozen Footy fanatic. We don't just sleep with our 6-studs on, we polish them before we go to sleep AND after we wake up.

At family holidays, we are typically found trying to nutmeg our younger kin or breaking Grandma's fine-China set with a world-class volley from the kitchen.

We are the obsessed. 

Generation Footy provides useful, unique content aimed straight at the hearts and minds of Footy enthusiasts.

Soccer is a game for everyone and we aim to help educate and inspire the masses.

We value anyone with a positive mindset and a passion for Footy. Whether you're a creative, pioneer, good soldier, captain, misfit, enforcer, tactician, hooligan... we have something beneficial for you.  

Influence The Game