The 8 Types of Passionate Footy Fans


"Knowing when to clap and when not to is a tiny detail that distinguishes you as a certain core type of fan."

It's amazing to attend games all around the world and listen to what fans clap for and what they don't. Knowing when to clap and when not to is a tiny detail that distinguishes you as a certain core type of fan. Now, let's start with the disclaimer that all fans are amazing. So no matter your type, you're still an integral part of fan culture and build on your role.

The naked eye alone can't determine which type you truly are, but there are other sensory ways to get a gain clues. When you use your other senses, you listen to which type of plays people applaud for and thus see what they respect, value and believe in. The two-handed vote of approval reveals a lot about you as a fan. So, which one are you?

1. The Creative-Also known as the Freestyler- Loves when their team plays three back-heels in a row and the fourth was tried unsuccessfully, in fact, it sparked a counter attack down the other way that stole the 3 points from your team...but you clapped. Fair enough, how were you going to foresee future calamities? You're a true lover of a good nutmeg in the corner and 1v1 situations in the wide midfield. *Often misconstrued as: The Romantic

Players you may love: Ronaldinho, Maradona, Neymar, Roberto Carlos, 

Best Fan Friend: The Technician- Every right brain needs a left-brained complement.  

Worst Fan Friend: The Retro- "No, the game was boring back in the 'good ole days!' Footy is about creativity and entertainment!" --You speaking to your Retro acquaintance. 

Drink of Choice: Margarita 

Favorite Phrase: "Ole!"

2. The Romantic- Heart flutters when they see a Zidane in the midfield and swoon over every touch. In fact, they are so obsessed that they clap relentlessly when he has the ball and weep in tears when he doesn't. The waterworks continue until beloved Zizou reunites with the sphere of love. You are a hopeless romantic of the game. You're a true lover of pinpoint passes, crisp possession and a deft first touch. *Often misconstrued as: The Creative

Players you may love: Zidane (a.k.a. Godfather), Xavi, Iniesta, Pirlo

Best Fan Friend: The Creative- Applauds beautiful moments in possession and often likes most of the same players you do. 

Worst Fan Friend: The Rebel- Seems to always have an explanation for why Materazzi got under Zidane's skin and how "Zidane should have kept his cool." This infuriates the Romantic and consumes them for days.

Drink of Choice: Red Wine

Favorite Phrase: "That was beautiful!"  

3. The Rebel- Expletives fly out of your mouth like vomit when your cult hero on the team gets fouled. Then when your hero breaks up a counter attack, takes a heavy touch and bundles the oncoming attacker knee high... you go nuts with applause. You're a lover of hard tackles in the midfield, bloody faces and fierce competitiveness. Oh yeah, and you also love a bit of an attitude. *Often misconstrued as: The Retro

Players you may love: Eric Cantona, Roy Keane, Gattuso, Materazzi, Edgar Davids, Zlatan, Balotelli

Best Fan Friend: The Creative- Complements your aggression well and always places bets on the crafty attacker making a fool of your favorite hard-nosed defender. 

Worst Fan Friend: The Romantic- Doesn't get along well with you and you both know it. You're too disgusting and vile for them and they are too emotional. 

Drink of Choice: Whiskey (Neat)

Favorite Phrase: "He got the ball, Ref!" 

4. The Retro- Only claps for players in all black cleats with the socks pulled up and folded perfectly. In your eyes, the beauty of the game is in its simplicity. You yearn for discipline, fitness and teamwork. When your team's outside midfielder tracks back and lunges in to make the defensive tackle in your applaud respectfully and shout, "That's what I'm talking about!" Ah, the good ole days. *Often misconstrued as: The Technician

Players you may love: Philipp Lahm, Paul Scholes, Sergio Busquets, Thomas Muller, Franz Beckenbauer, Michel Platini, Carlos Valderrama

Best Fan Friend: The Rookie-You love to bring a Rookie to a game with you and tell them all your old "Footy war" stories for 90+ minutes. 

Worst Fan Friend: The Creative-You HATE to see yellow and pink boots on the field and this Creative over here thinks they are wonderful! What happened to all black leather boots? What happened to tucked in shirts and looking 'smart'? These kids...

Drink of Choice: Scotch

Favorite Phrase: "Now THAT's how you play Soccer!"

5. The Technician- You like your team's underrated left fullback because his Miles Covered and Sprint/Jog ratios are off the charts. He is always moving into the statistically correct positions and then taking calculated risks in possession. Every time he anticipates the opponents switching the ball and he sprints out wide to cut it off, you clap with respect. You believe good teams run like an efficient machine and good players each have specific roles to play. *Often mistaken for: The Retro

Players you may love: Luka Modric, Harry Kane, Cesc Fabregas, Javier Zanetti

Best Fan Friend: The Rebel- They may come off as primitive savages to you but in a lot of ways you envy them. They help you let loose and show your wild side. 

Worst Fan Friend: The Rookie- You're all about quantity when it comes to fans but you're not about to waste one of your 86,400 seconds of the day to go through the intricate details of your blog. (Probable titled: Data Matters FC)

Drink of Choice: Red Bull Vodka 

Favorite Phrase: "Numbers don't lie." 

6. The Rookie- You went to your first Footy match with a person who had no one else to ask. You weren't aware that your city even had a soccer team. But you ended up going and absolutely LOVING the game so much that you regret never playing it when you were a kid. You end up buying season tickets the next day and within a year you are jumping around with the team supporter's group because you just can't get enough. Respect to our new passionate family member! *Often misconstrued as: The Creative

Players you may love: Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar, David Beckham

Best Fan Friend: The Romantic- They feed your new passion with insight, emotion and love stories from the past.

Worst Fan Friend: The Retro- The reason you never played or went to a game is because of how you thought the game "was" back in those days. You don't want to go back in time when you're enjoying the present. 

Drink of Choice: Heineken

Favorite Phrase: "Oh come on! You gotta make that shot!" --This phrase announces to everyone around you that you're a Rookie.

7. The Uncle Doug- Also known as the well-intentioned Know-It-All- He knows about every player, formation, team, record, statistic, history etc. and he has a strong opinion about every one. Doug doesn't really have any concern for others at the game, he usually sits by some random people and chats away. You have to love Uncle Doug because he's so busy talking, he sometimes ends up clapping along with home and visiting supporters because he isn't watching the game. The guy is a legend in his own right. *Often misconstrued as: The Retro

Players you may love: Dennis Bergkamp, Pele, Johan Cruyff, Marco Van Basten, Pavel Nedved, Alan Shearer

Best Fan Friend: The Retro- You can talk with each other for 90+ minutes without a break in conversation. You both acknowledge the classic beauty of the game while debating "new-age" techniques and tactics. 

Worst Fan Friend: The Romantic- You have a hard time getting a read on Romantics. You can't decide if they are actually listening to you at all or if they are lost in a daydream. It could be both, but their one-word replies to your monologues make you uneasy. 

Drink of Choice: Dark Beer

Favorite Phrase: "That reminds me of when..."   

8. The Lucky Kid- Any child in the stands of a professional men's/women's professional soccer game. You are the lucky ones. You went to your first professional game and were in awe of the majesty. You senses were heightened and you felt your first real inspirational calling... and you applauded all the time. Go on, Wonderkid. *Often misconstrued as: The Rookie

Players you may love: Christian Pulisic, Raheem Sterling, Paulo Dybala, Paul Pogba, Anthony Martial

Best Fan Friend: Everyone. You want to be there and soak it all in. It doesn't matter to you who you go with. 

Worst Fan Friend: The Rebel- You don't necessarily have a "worst" fan friend but the Rebel would be the closest thing for you. Their intensity and passion come off as angry to you but in a way, you want to be like them and end up feeding off of their energy. Fair Warning: you may even pick up some new words that will land you in trouble at school if used freely.

Drink of Choice: Soda

Favorite phrase: "WOW!"

No matter which category you fall under, remember that we are all disciples of the same game we only show our passion in different ways. Be sure to connect with other types of fans...there is always something to learn. 

Footy Fan Tip: When your defender tries a bicycle kick out of his own penalty area (when he should have headed it out) and his clearance lands inside his own penalty area...DON'T clap.

We'd love to hear which type you are in the comments below!


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