5 Ways To Dominate Training (Before It Starts)

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"Take a moment before you go train and remind yourself of WHY you play Footy."

What is your personal approach to training? Do you show up to team training sessions and wait for the coach to direct you and wander between drills like livestock in a field? Or, do you go into a training session determined to set the highest standards for yourself with one or two specific goals in mind?

Training is preparation for a match but preparation for training should not be overlooked. Your approach sets the tone for your individual development and should answer these questions:

  1. What will I work on today and what is my personal growth goal for the session?
  2. Why am I going to training? To kill time and get out of the house OR because I genuinely want to get better today?
  3. Who should I ask questions to today so that I walk away from training having learned something new?
  4. When will I get to training and when will I leave?
  5. How will I be an influential leader today in training?

Action Steps:

1. Setting individual, daily goals is imperative if you want to succeed. It's not enough to go into training and walk out of it having gotten nothing out of it.

Footy Tip: Today I want to work on my weak foot and driving the ball accurately with my laces over 20 yards. Setting small intentions like these primes your mindset before you go into training and will give you a personal mission to attack.

2. This question comes down to intrinsic vs. extrinsic motivation but they are not always present (and that's ok). Don't rely on extrinsic motivation because it comes and goes like the wind. Daily performance goals need to be set by looking at your intrinsic motivations. This way, you're accountable to yourself because only you know how you'll feel if you don't accomplish those daily goals.

Footy Tip: Take a moment before you go train and remind yourself of WHY you play Footy. This simple question can open the pathways for real goal setting to occur. Training sessions are growth opportunities

3. Knowing what you don't know is an important way of staying humble and developing faster. You can't fill up a cup that is already full and likewise you can't learn anything if you already think you know everything.

Footy Tip: Be curious and show humility by asking direct questions related to your improvement. "Hey Coach, I was wondering if you could clarify what you mean by being half-turned?" "What are the top two things I need to work on as a player to get to the next level?" 

4. If your schedule allows for it, be the first person at the field for training and the last to leave. If your schedule doesn't allow for it, change your schedule to reflect your priorities. However, getting to the field early and taking 30 minutes to put your socks/shoes on or sitting on your iPhone is useless.

Footy Tip: Show up early with INTENTION and work on 1-2 aspects of your game before your teammates arrive. Stay after and ask a few others if they want to do extra work. Enroll them in WHY you want to stay after and you may get a better response but remember, whether they stay or don't makes no difference on your attitude to get better. Set concrete objectives or this time is just for show and will be wasted entirely.

5. Ask others to stick around and do extra work with you after training. This is a great way to be an enrolling leader and someone who is also interested in the development of others. Training with others is not only more enjoyable, it creates another layer of accountability wherein everyone is invested in each other's growth as players. 


Go influence the game