Footy Tip: ALWAYS Make it Mean Something


"Pride yourself on being focused, engaged and simple in your touches."

A surefire way to hinder your growth is to aimlessly go about the way you train, learn and set your goals. Countless hours of individual training and a love affair with the game (the ball) are core prerequisites for Footy greatness. However, in terms of true progress, training hours are measured by quality not quantity.

To get the absolute most out of your development, every time you train, "Always Make It Mean Something (AMIMS)." This approach lays the foundation for quality training to occur. 

When you AMIMS, training sessions, video sessions, books etc. all contain growth opportunities and therefore should be respected. Suddenly, with one simple tweak in mindset, every detail of training has some hidden potential for us to observe, improve, learn and grow. It's not enough to go into something as basic as a 5v2 (Rondo) possession drill and not get something out of it.

Footy Tip: In 5v2 (Rondo) drills, make sure you're never in the middle and pride yourself on being focused, engaged and simple in your touches. Use 5v2 as a mental and physical sharpening tool to prepare you for the rest of training. 

The small mental shift from apathy to AMIMS will transform your training and your attitude. Don't let your time on the ball be wasted by mental chatter and begin to set personal challenges for everything you do. For instance, if you are in a 4v4 small sided game in training, you may say, "My team will not lose a 4v4 game today" or "I will play simple passes and keep the ball for my team every time I receive it." These tiny aspirations help train purposefully and boost your growth while everyone else may perform the drill like a zombie. 

This achievement-focused attitude is like a muscle and requires discipline to develop. Don't allow yourself to kill precious time on the field by being idle. AMIMS and push yourself and others around you to compete. 


Go influence the game