How to Conquer the Plateau of Development


"Set one or two personal goals before each training session and set the intention for the day."

At some point in our development, we all hit a plateau where the visible results seem to become stagnant and the enthusiasm within us begins to flatline. It is easy to get impatient and frustrated after seeing the amount of work you put in yield seemingly tiny results. This uneasy feeling can be an indicator that you're experiencing one or many of the following pitfalls of growth:

1. Not putting in the extra, intentional hard work necessary to grow.

2. Not putting any intention behind training and only working on strengths.

3. Being too focused on the future end goal rather than being present and enjoying the process every day.

4. Not being patient enough and seeking immediate validation for hard work.

It's safe to say every player has experienced some if not all of these pitfalls in their career. Validation will come eventually but only after you make the daily, consistent commitment to improve. What may appear to you as stagnation in your growth right now may be the wheels of progress moving slower. The more you improve, the slower the results appear because you are tweaking, refining and mastering your core competencies. 

Footy Tips:

  1. Embrace the plateau. Continue your consistent, specific growth training across all areas (technical, tactical/knowledge, fitness/physical) while focusing more on the PROCESS rather than the end product. Footy Tip: Set one or two personal goals before each training session and set the intention for the day. For example, you may set the goal, "To get in at least 50 (proper) long balls with my weak foot before I leave the field today."
  2. Pick 1 or 2 specific aspects of your game and commit to growing them on the day. Make them detailed, precise goals which helps you take direct action while making rational assessments on how well you worked on them in training.
  3. Be PATIENT. Remember, while you are working on your game, others are sleeping or playing video games. Given a long enough timeline, the creme will rise to the top and your validation will come. 


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