Footy Tip: Develop a Childlike Mind

Each Moment with the ball is a new learning experience..png

"We must persist in our never-ending pursuit of progress with an inquiring mind."

Creativity is a combination of discipline and a childlike spirit.
— Robert Greene

Go back to the beginning. Before all of the knowledge, thoughts and opinions filled your head. You were a creative genius full of curiosity who found inspiration in everything around you. Each Footy experience was new, unique and brought about awe and bewilderment.

We must persist in our never-ending pursuit of progress with an inquiring mind. As our familiarity with the game develops, the sense of already knowing everything begins to gradually destroy our sense of wonder. Training becomes drudgery and the "same old" drills become stale. Excitement and inspiration are the steroids of development and we all know anything is more fun when we are excited and enthusiastic.

Footy Tip: WATCH this to wake up your excitement...

(...there is NO way Vieira, Scholes and Van Nistelrooy would be the first team eliminated) 

Ok, moving on...

Begin to approach the game with a childlike mind. You may have felt it awaken in you while watching that video. Although some of you have seen that video countless times, many of you may have just watched it again and experienced the same feeling you did years ago when the commercial first aired.  

We need to look through those eyes every single day of our development. No matter how experienced we may be, there is always something to learn in front of us. Your entire experience is transformed into a sea of new information and possibility. You begin noticing and enjoying things that you may have overlooked before. A childlike sense of wonder is now found in every detail of the game and you begin to see things as if it were the first time (again). 

Footy Tip: Next training session, don't go into it with any preconceptions or notions about how it will play out. Instead, go in with curiosity and excitement. Fully take in the environment around you. Suddenly you begin to smile... and the game becomes FUN again. 


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